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Jason Taylor is an six foot six inch Allpro defensive back for the Miami Dolphins. He was born 30 years ago in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (age) years ago and now lives in Miami with his wife and two kids, ages 2 and 8months. He has recently joined the bracelet craze with red ones that say Jason Taylor Foundation which is a charity that helps local kid charities. For more information, go online to www.jasontaylorfoundation and get the bracelet like Jason wears.

Who did you look up to as a kid and why?
I looked up to Michael Jordan and Dan Marino because they were two of the best at what they did and they’re very good professionals and good guys.

Does the coach ever get mad at you?
Yes, they always get mad but it’s bad in a good way; they just try to make you a better player.
How do you deal with it?
It’s your boss. Your boss can get mad if you’re not doing your job. If you don’t want to get yelled at, you should do a better job.

Were you nervous during the first game you played in the NFL?
Yes, I was. I didn’t know what to expect. It was something new to me and I was very nervous but once I got out there and started playing a little bit I settled down and got comfortable.
How did you deal with being nervous?
Try not to think about it. But you’re going to think about inevitably. You can’t hide from it. You just gotta deal with it and once you get out there and finally get to hit somebody, all that stuff goes away.

Were you a good student as a kid?
I got better as I got older. In the beginning I messed around too much but as I got a little older and in high school I started doing better. School is pretty easy if you focus in and want to do it

What’s it like to be famous?
It’s fun, it’s good. It’s a responsibility. People look up to you and you have to live accordingly but it’s a fun job, a fun position to be in.
What’s bad about being famous?
You get no privacy. No matter what you do people are gonna know about it so you have to be careful.

Did you get along with your siblings (Jason has three sisters and one brother)?
At times, there were always times that we would fight but now that I’m older and we don’t live together I love them to death.
Did you fight with them?
We got into a couple. My sister used to always kick my butt. She was always bigger.

What’s your favorite moment playing football?
When I got drafted in the NFL. Just getting picked has been the best so far.

What advice do you have for kids about making their dreams come true?
Dream big and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it. Because you can. You can’t lie around and dream all the time. You have to get up and work toward it to. You can’t just dream it. You have to go out there and make it happen.

Has anyone ever made fun of you or put you down?
Oh yeah, all the time, they do it all the time. But you just get hardened to it over the years. The people who don’t like you and say it in a mean way, you just ignore them because they’re jealous. The people that say it in fun are usually your friends. Your friends are always going to pick on you.

Were you scared you may not make it into the NFL?
Yeah. You never know whether you’re going to make it or not. You can’t depend on it happening for you. You have to go to school and have a back up plan.

What was good and bad about homeschooling? (Jason homeschooled for three years)
The good was that you don’t have to get up and catch a bus to school everyday and the bad was it was a little different not going to school and hanging around with friends all day. But it was a lot more beneficial. You got a lot more work done homeschooling.

As a kid were there other sports you liked?

What’s your favorite part of being a Dad?
The best part is just going home to them, seeing them every day and knowing that you had a part in making them and how much they love you and depend on you.

box on page of favorites
Food- Italian
Cartoon character- Superman
Movie Gladiator
Book Bible
Color black
Drink Gatorade
City Miami
Teammate Dan Marino
Animal Dog
Toy as a Kid My first Big Wheel
Ice cream flavor Vanilla
Room in house Gameroom
Coach The one I have now, Jim Bates
Funny Questions
Looney Tunes plays football against Disney characters. Who wins?
What’s the oldest thing in your house? Me
Do you macarana? No, I don’t dance.
If you’re deserted on an island and can only have two things, what would they be?
My wife and my kids.

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