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Fascinating Sports Facts!

The First Football Game Ever Played
     Army-Navy fooball game was played November 29,1890 at West Point, N.Y.  The Army captain was Dennie Michie, 92, and the Navy captain was Charles Rulf Emerich,  91.
     The score was Navy, 24 Army 0.

                                             (Dean Hill-Football thru the Years) 

The First Baseball Player To Catch A Ball Dropped From The Washington Monument
From the 500 foot level: Billy "Pop" Schriver of the Chicago National League club, who accomplished this feat on August 29, 1892, and again on August 25,1895.
From the top of the Monument: Charles "Gabby" Street, catcher of the Washington club of the American League, on August 21, 1908.

                                                                              (Famous First Facts)

Basketball Was Invented
1892 by James Naismith, who introduced the game in the International Young Men's Christian Association Training school in Springfield, Mass. As the game was originally played it was necessary for the players to use a ladder to get up and remove the ball from the basket.

(James Naismith and Luther Gulick-Basket Ball)

     Two leagues called the National Basketball League (NBL) and the Basketball Association of America (BAA) merged after the 1948-49 season to become today's National Basketball Association (NBA).                      
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